What Is Marketing Orientation?

It may seem hard to understand and analyze but the simplest definition for marketing orientation is targeting the needs and wants of the consumers more than the product itself, it will make sure that it is affordable and likable to the consumers. The article will tackle about the information regarding marketing orientation and the difference between product orientations. The long process of research and development are done, it does not have the sophistication to its product rather it focuses on its approach to selling goods and the design that will satisfy its customers. In some cases before they hire a product launch agency to guide them throughout the process of product development to product advertisement.

There are 5 marketing management orientations which are the production concept which focuses on determining the target market to identify the needs and wants, product concept is the process of understanding the capabilities of a product in order to bring out its best qualities, sales concept is a concept that focuses on sales or its profits first before the marketing strategy it does not matter if the product is actually needed, the marketing concept is determining the needs of the consumers and make the product better than the competitors and last but not the least is social marketing concept is almost the same as marketing concept the only difference is this approach considers the social long term interest of its consumers. A brand PR might help you identify your niche from others in order to be recognizable and more appealing. Appeal or branding is very important in a product launch, it would help you to step up from others. Check this site will help you to find a reliable and trusted brand PR for your marketing needs.

The Advantage of such strategy will help the company to have a satisfied and loyal customer wherein that loyalty will give resistant to be encouraged by other competitors that are offering lower price since your company gives high satisfaction. The satisfaction will bring positive feedbacks to the company it might as well encourage new customers by just merely reading the feedbacks of the experiences while using the products.

However, another approach is the Product orientation were in the main focus of the company is to develop high-quality products that are sophisticated the target market of such process are the ones who are capable of buying expensive products over the high quality of products. As we all know it would always be quality vs. quantity. Whatever choice you would decide it would always have advantages and disadvantages to the company but the question is are you willing to do such a process? Also, in some cases, they tend to mix-match both of the processes.